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Computers General
Computers: History and Development
Whatis.com -- Large list of computer terms.
Tom's Hardware Guide
The PC Guide
PC Technology Guide
PC Magazine Online
Hardware Central -- All about computer hardware, including building a PC
Building Your Own PC
Build a Computer (A PC-Building Tutorial)
PC Mechanic  Troubleshooting PC Hardware and software.
Computer Hardware Links -- A VERY BIG list of computer hardware links
utexas mac archive   A site for Macintosh users.
Windows 95/98
My Virtual Reference Desk Windows 95 Links
Nerd World Windows 95 Links
Global Computing Windows 95 Links
ZD Windows 98

Windows 98 Tips, Tricks and Techniques from C/NET

How Things Work!!

Virtual Driver -- Source for many drivers for your computer.
The Ultimate Winsock Collection (by Tucows)  A great place to get software on the web.

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WebSite Creation
A Beginners Guide to HTML
An Introduction to HTML (Table of Contents)
HTML Made Easy
The Barebones Guide to HTML
HTML Crash Course
Webmonkey HTML Tutor
Webmonkey HTML Reference Cheat Sheet
How Do They Do That With HTML
Geocities HTML Tutorial Center
Web Mastery
The Page -- Get graphic animations for your web page
Caboodles -- Another source for web page graphics and animations
The Design Shoppe -- Lots of help in designing a web page
Jay's Original Backgrounds -- Some creative backgrounds for web pages
Bells and Whistles
Midi Sequences -- Great music for your web page.
C Programming Courseware
Carl and Gary's Visual Basic Homepage
Codepage 2.1 -- A reference for programmers in VB, Pascal, C, C++, Perl, Java, Basic, Delphi and other languages.
Introduction to Programming Using Java